The End to End University Management & Automation Product

Bangalore University, Mangalore University

Clients who use Infinity

Univesity Management & Automation Solution

Education Industry

Product description

Infinity is designed for the end to end University Management and a one stop solution for Automation in University Management.

Proven track record in managing multiple universities and delivering across 10 million results to students affiliated to the universities.


The Complete Project, Time & Expense Management Software for your Organization

Enterprise Management

Enabling enterprises to manage and monitor time and expenses of their human resources

Product description

Atem (Attris Time & Expense Manager)is a powerful tool which is used by organizations to manage, monitor and report the time, expense of projects the organization is opperating on.

Efficient reporting and notifications will enable your organizatio to perform the HR tasks efficiently.

One Page

Live Project Monitoring Application

Project Management

Enabling organizations to monitor their project in real time

Product description

One Page is a Project Monitoring Dashboard enabling you to monitor multiple projects live on a single dashboard.

Efficient monitoring and highlighting risks will help you mitigate them and be on top of the game.